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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
average rating is 4 out of 5

Kids, Fantasy, Humour

R. Alex Jenkins

As a young boy growing up in the 1970s, books by Roald Dahl probably meant to me what Harry Potter meant to kids in the 1990s and beyond, and will hopefully continue to amaze and delight children and adults for centuries to come.

This is a wonderful fantasy with incredible characters and relationships, each kid managing to obtain a golden ticket - a bit like the mysterious invitation received in the post for Hogwarts - for the ultimate Disney-esque tour of the Wonka Chocolate Factory, where it all kicks off.

I like my chocolate, and being a bit of a tart, this isn't my first foray into Roald Dahl territory, preceded by James and the Giant Peach, as just as magical, but not quite as fleshed out and deliciously gooey as the Chocolate Factory.

It's the characters that stick with you, Charlie Bucket - the common lad, Veruca Salt and how spoiled and obnoxious she is, and Willie Wonka himself and his magical ideas and enormous heart.

The book has been made into many movie adaptations and, let's face it, gets cloying and annoying over time, but oh, the memories.

Roald Dahl wrote so many masterpieces, such as James and the Giant Peach, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The BFG, and scores of others. I will never forget my first trip to the Chocolate Factory and the hilarious Oompa-Loompas.

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