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Jane Austen

average rating is 3 out of 5

Classics, Romance

R. Alex Jenkins

Emma is a memorable book with great characters and a tremendous feel-good factor about it. The only real problem is how decent it is.

Because Emma wants everyone to be happy at her own expense, but unable to ignore her own feelings over time, she gets into an awful emotional muddle. That's the essence of the book - how can Emma be happy? Why is everyone else content and not her?

I encountered some technical struggles when reading. I didn't enjoy the choice of character names because of how similar and repetitive they are for two of the main protagonists. This is confusing. Nor is there anything particularly heart-throbbing, unexpected or piquant about this book. It's not especially humourous either, but quaint and very good natured.

It's also pretty obvious who is going to marry who at certain points.

Although I'm being cynical and having a subtle dig at Jane Austen, there is something about her work that I really enjoy, but not necessarily for repeat reading with this one.

This book seems to express Jane Austen at one of the happiest and joyous moments in her life, which is reflected in Emma herself, but too light on the action-satisfaction for me and nowhere near as good as Price and Prejudice.

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