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Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


Robert M. Persig

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
average rating is 4 out of 5

Psychological, Self-help

R. Alex Jenkins

This is a road-trip style book published way back in 1974, a sort of Easy Rider reimagining on a Harley Davidson while journeying across America.

Essentially, it's a book about the philosophical meaning and values of life, which is difficult (at first) to ascertain from the title.

Zen is achieved through simplicity, awareness of the present, improved focus, open understanding, and the ability to simply sit and be yourself (meditate).

Theoretically, by traveling, being self-reliant and knowing how to maintain your mode of transport, whether motorbike, horse, boat, starship or something else, you can achieve a state of zen and simplicity, a happier life and closer relationships with mother earth, God and real people.

It's been a while but I'll have to try getting on my bike sometime.

Life is so complicated with so many distractions and so much pressure to be someone you're probably not, we often lose focus and track of what makes us effectively tick. Keeping up appearances, concentrating on status and worrying about what other people think are just a few wasteful traits that spring to mind.

Maybe we all need to disappear into the sunset now and again, to remember how to rely on ourselves and the basics of life instead of all the tiny details that no-one actually cares about besides our egos.

This was a massive bestseller. Maybe time for a reread?

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