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R. Alex Jenkins


I live in Belém, Pará, north Brazil and speak fluent English and Portuguese. I am Welsh but consider myself equally English.

This site was initially planned as a mega resource for people suffering from depression and addiction - addictive writer - a sort of DIY guide for achieving a better you, but it's not the core ingredient of what makes us tick or remotely interesting to write or read about.

We've all got problems.

The only way to become a better you is to put the past behind you and learn to produce the goods and use it in your work. Life is for living, right? Try to move on and concentrate more energy, determination and love on creating rewarding content that people will (hopefully) want to read.

I am a freelancer writer, editor and translator, who also writes Book Reviews and related types of articles - Expression. The menus show the way.

Darlin' is my long-term ambition to write a coming-of-age novel with an emphasis on mental health and horror.

There's even a bit of Poetry if that's your thing!

I particularly like reading and writing about dystopia, science fiction and existentialism, but I also enjoy noir, thrillers, vampires, Victorian England, classics, gravediggers and sometimes good romance.

What not join me on Goodreads and the Horror Haven reading group?

Wish me luck and support me if you can! Most of all, take care out there!

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