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Bless your little heart 🖤!

Love 💘🥀

Are you sublime

Or are you mine

A feeling hard to meet

When I turn

And see your face

And fall upon my feet


Sun as rays

And happy days

A miscontrued perception

A while to find

The real cause

A hope for no deception


A hand of love

A force above

Are you the one who needs me

A fathom walked

A lifetime talked

Perhaps the one who seeks me


Or am I prone

To being alone

An empty swathe of fluster

A bitter night

A lonely fight

A passion hard to muster


Perhaps the one

To take you home

The one to walk you safely

A journey's end

To begin again

I know I need you greatly​

Lamb To The Slaughter 🐑

Rounded with a whip

Hell over leather

Herd the braying quips

Soft as a feather

Sharper than a knife

Cut through and sever

Take home to the wife

Sun or rainy weather

Salad gently tossed

Tastes good forever

Stomach filled with nosh

Satisfied with pleasure

Sitting back relaxed

Bleating in the heather

Lying on its back

Time for never never

Spanky 😱

I wank
I spank

I beat all night for fun

I toss

The boss

Oh how I love to cum

I slap

The Jap

Its one eye looking out

I squeeze

And tease

Tonight's the longest bout

Planet 🪐

A rose 

Or a flower
In a desert-clearing green

A cloud

Or a shower

In a planet-cleansing sheen

What has been

What isn't

What always will become

What could be

What shouldn't

What never shall be calm

A make-shift


A red breast on the wing

A down-thrust


Perhaps all birds can sing

What was once

What had been

What's never really sure

What might be

What may be

A planet to the core

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