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Amazon Kindle

E-Readers vs Physical Books

The Pros and Cons of Amazon Kindle and E-Readers in comparison to Physical Books. A discussion.

R. Alex Jenkins

Stack of Books

Physical Book Deception

Are physical books better than digital, in any way?

R. Alex Jenkins


A Case Against Buzz Lists

Every year FOMO hits hard, with must-read lists and books you cannot live without?

R. Alex Jenkins

Dollar Injustice

Why eBooks on Amazon can feel like a Ripoff

Books are affordable in manageable quantities on (USA), but in third-world or developing countries it’s a different matter. Want to know why?

R. Alex Jenkins

Mushy Peas

Greats Books Turned into Mush

How to take a great book and turn it into mush. A cynic's guide.

R. Alex Jenkins

Media and Marketing

Too Much Media and Marketing

How media and marketing are surreptitiously and negatively affecting your quality of life.

R. Alex Jenkins

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