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Greats Books Turned into Mush

Mushy Peas

R. Alex Jenkins

Thousands of fantastics books have been written and will continue to be written for thousands of years. The reason we read these books is because they're the purest form of storytelling. They are the cleanest source of the message.

Reading is relaxing, entertaining and informative, but we sometimes behave like misguided zombies who constantly need frivolous pieces of bite-size entertainment to make life whole. Reading books is too abstract, bland maybe, for many of us because it requires too much effort to read and digest words without images or trained professionals to help us along. We have to use our imaginations!

Great books are sometimes made into great movies and when it goes right we get an amazing window into the imagination of the author and their fascinating ideas, through the eyes of a director, actors and movie-making crews.

Unfortunately, there's also the mush!

A great book turned into an average movie, turned into an even more diluted streaming series for the masses. It happens too often.

It's not all bad news, but there is so much mush out there you can spend a lifetime sifting through it for scant reward. Some people call it light entertainment. I call it junk TV, unnecessary piles of goo and pollution that can make you want to jump off a cliff.

I want my brain back!

So much mush, sire!

Sometimes a series can be so good that the source material is irrelevant, unheard of or quickly becomes forgotten. That's the problem. If it's half decent we're guaranteed to get more diluted versions until it turns into soap opera mush.

Do you have to sift through this poor pulp until you find something good? Is that even enjoyable?

No. Read books instead and decide for yourself.

Coming home from work, tired, switching on whatever's in front of you until your brain's frazzled with nonsense.

Books are better.

This is the problem with commercialism. There's so much of it. What was once perhaps brilliant in its written format can often become translucent and soulless, sucked of good quality for more profits, until the series gets too diluted and eventually dropped.

Should you avoid streaming services then? At your peril! There's a lot of great stuff out there, but you have to sift through so much easily-accessible pointlessness.

Books are often hit and miss, sifting through so much clutter and there are millions of mush-brained volumes out there. Even so, books are nearly always superior to the movie or series versions, and definitely series #2, #3...

If you've binge-watched a series, finally gotten bored and haven't investigated the source material, it's your loss. Your life could be mush without even realising it.

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