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A coming-of-age horror novel and thriller

Chapter 1

Getting to know Darlin'.


Darlin', Gayle, Bev Grimshaw, Nikki Herbert, Carter, Turrell

The science lab stool rocked from side to side at an alarming pace, pivoting from leg to leg at crazy speed.

“Bloody hell, Darlin’s buzzing back and forth like a rocket ship on take off. What's she doing?”

Chapter 2

Ash goes all spanky on us.



All I can think about is sex. When I go to bed at night I think about it even more. When I go to school the next day I’m so embarrassed because they know I’ve been wanking over the prettiest girls in class the night before.

My name is Ash. I’m a wankaholic.

Chapter 3

Gayle and her family.


Gayle, Mum, Darren, Maisy, Siddy

When I get older I’m going to join a hippy community in the French Alps, like Mum did, somewhere bordering Spain, maybe. Speak a bit of French and Italian or whatever they talk down there. Somewhere I can hide.

Chapter 4

Darlin' does not fuck Billy the Goat!


Darlin', Billy the Goat

They call me wacky Mary Darlington, or wacky Darlin’ for short. Mum used to call me that because I’m a great girl who likes everyone, just a bit messed up in the head.

Chapter 5

Ash does cross-country and also witnesses the grozzly marathon.


Ash, Robbo, Melanie Dorkins, Jigsaw

It's raining and muddy and Robbo sits next to me on the bus, his friend of choice, not mine. I’m too frightened to consciously avoid him and strangely in awe of his relentless courage for such a short kid, unafraid of anyone.

Chapter 6

Gayle escapes the 'law'.




Chapter 7

Ash and Darlin', getting away with murder.


Ash, Darlin', Wighty


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