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A Canticle For Leibowitz


Walter M. Miller

A Canticle For Leibowitz
average rating is 4 out of 5

Science Fiction, Dystopia

R. Alex Jenkins

There is only one reason why Canticle isn't an absolute knockout sci-fi classic: it's split into three stories that take place in the same region, separated by hundreds of years, each telling a similar story from a different viewpoint and alternative place in time. This makes for a disjointed and slightly unsatisfying read by the end, especially considering how fascinationg the first story is.

There is a regular sense of starting all over again and never reaching a satisfying destination. There is no sequel, no joining of loose ends, just incredible descriptions and ideas.

Even so, there is an amazing ambience throughout because of what Walter Miller had to say at such a profound level. I loved the atmosphere.

This is a delight for people who enjoy dystopia, who see the world as beautiful through destruction and doom, who enjoy sadness and devotion, commitment and toil, and long-winding dusty roads into the unknown.

If the story looped to a better conclusion it would undoubtedly be a five-star review.

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