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Lord of The Flies


William Golding

Lord of The Flies
average rating is 3 out of 5

Dystopia, Disturbing

R. Alex Jenkins

I expected LOTF to be a romping kid's book, enlightening, fantastical and gentle to the touch; instead of a confusing, morbid and depressive experience. It's no Narnia.

Like a bad trip, your head becomes a blur. People are bastards to each other when faced with the unknown; any sense of fairness is cast aside as we grab as much as we can, dumping friendships or any sense of moral footing by the wayside.

Very bleak, it serves as a microcosm for a corrupt society run by military regimes, preordaining our well-being and happiness to the point of being hunted down and eradicated for not fitting into the newly power-escalated mold.

It reminds us that society is difficult to navigate if you don't tow the line, easily becoming outcast and bottom rung for standing up for yourself and what's (seemingly) right. The bigger picture doesn't care about intrinsic needs if you fight against the system to that extent.

Fascinating, but not enjoyable or immediately rewarding, working into your subconscious at how life can go from utopia to dystopia without even realizing it's happening, therefore being frustrating and even disturbing in retrospect, rather than fun to read.

Although worth your time, it won't make you a fan of the establishment any time soon. It made me feel awful.

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