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Jane Austen

average rating is 4 out of 5

Classics, Romance

R. Alex Jenkins

All of Jane Austen's books were published between 1811 and 1817. That's impressive going for such a large body of work.

There seems to be more enthusiasm and passion in her first three books, especially Pride and Prejudice, than in her later books which come across as more reserved and under control.

Persuasion, posthumously published after her death, is more restrained, darker and serious then anything released before. It's bleak in comparison because there is no hope of true love or emotional salvation for the heroine.

This as my second favourite Jane Austen novel because of how relationships rest on a knife edge until the end, similar to the ultimately flawed Sense and Sensibility.

My favourite JA books in order are:

  • Pride and Prejudice (amazing)

  • Persuasion

  • Sense and Sensibility

  • Emma

  • Mansfield Park / Northanger Abbey (equally)

Do I adore this book? No. Why do I read these books and review them? Maybe as a sense of moral literary obligation. OCD completionism! The once-held belief that everything written by Jane Austen is gold dust? That's not quite true, but this is a really good one.

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