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Such Sharp Teeth


Rachel Harrison

Such Sharp Teeth
average rating is 3 out of 5

Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy

R. Alex Jenkins

Such Sharp Teeth is kinda hip, sarcastic and tongue in cheek, but also rather superfluous and full of unnecessary day-to-day descriptions. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a book? Deep and profound, or witty, chatty and lighthearted? And although Rachel Harrison has a great sense of humour, the main character comes across as a bit scatty and dizzy (in a cool and likeable way) instead of supposedly super-successful, sexually active, twenty-something with an action-packed lifestyle.

And then there's werewolves, which although close relatives to vampires, nearly always come across as silly. Whereas vampires are cool and reflect our inner fears, werewolves come across as blundering hulks with ripped off clothes, lack of restraint and manic personalities, a bit like the main character, Rory.

I swore I was going to hate this book at 5%, but changed my mind because of how sarcastic and fun it is, but the main problem is the one-dimensional narrative and me-me-me problems all the time. It's a soap opera - a romping, romantic family drama with an ego the size of Manhattan, going on and on about personal feelings, trying too hard to relate to its target young audience, maybe, or perhaps I'm just a crusty old geezer by comparison for finding it cheap and immature. I need more science and hard data, more horror instead of moody humps!

My reading approach was to scan SST faster than I normally do to get it out of the way, mostly wanting it to end, and the unexpected and shocking statements for laughs and impact became a bit old, like nails growing so fast it's hard to masturbate, duh!

It sounds like I hate it, right? Honestly, I don't, and found it likeable in a rather pointless way, as unimportant with little overall direction or knife-edge thrills. It’s an overly indulgent family-boyfriend-buddy drama.

A fun read, and thumbs up for such a great sense of humour, but if you took away the werewolf element, this book would be forgettable pop opera.

Recommended further fun and emotional werewolf reading: Thor by Wayne Smith.

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