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The Door In The Wall


H.G. Wells

The Door In The Wall
average rating is 3 out of 5

Short Stories, Classics, Supernatural

R. Alex Jenkins

I enjoyed this book of short stories because I like H.G. Wells so much. Pick up any of his novels from 1895 onwards and you won't be disappointed. There's something about his writing style that's innocent, accessible, charming and almost childlike.

The antiquated view of black people is a bit of a concern, though, but that's more to do with the era it was published in than H.G. Wells himself, who was very broad-minded and imaginative.

The first story, The Door In The Wall is psychedelic and mildly bizarre, and I retain abstract memories of The Lord of The Dynamos for its sinister characteristics.

This is worth picking up for a quick read and as a good entry into H.G. Wells territory. If you like this, you will adore his other, more comprehensive and fleshed out works.

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