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The Invisible Man


H.G. Wells

The Invisible Man
average rating is 3 out of 5

Science Fiction, Classics

R. Alex Jenkins

I enjoy H.G. Wells a lot because of how fluid and accessible he is, but this book kind of bothered me because of how irate the main character always is:

  • regularly annoyed and arrogant

  • confused and billegerent

  • not nice at all.

Being invisible must be tough? What starts off as a laugh, sneaking around, being a bit pervy, pulling off stunts, must start to grind when you have to wear bandages and silly hats all day, when you can't socialize or be yourself; however, the book comes across as more of an annoyance than a fun trip.

The moral of the story is that invisibility isn't as great as it sounds, but why does the main character have to be such an asshole and so dislikeable? I didn't get it.

H.G. Wells writes in such an easy-going way, he could describe a blank wall and keep you riveted, but I didn't enjoy this book half as much as expected.

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