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The Yellow Wall-Paper


Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Yellow Wall-Paper
average rating is 5 out of 5

Gothic, Short Stories, Disturbing, Horror, Psychological

R. Alex Jenkins

I loved everything about this little novella from start to finish, especially the beautiful cover, font and images freely smattered throughout.

Even the hyphen between wall and paper makes you think.

Written in a clear and stylish manner, it's very personable and easy to read.

Broadly classified as horror, this is disturbing literature at its best. There's no gore, action or violence, but pure psychological drama. It's gothic too - stuck in a big house, sea views, roaring wind and Wuthering Heights.

Through my own experiences with depression and negative mental health, this book has been on my hit list for a while. The main character has severe psychological problems, including delusions, fixations and the inability to get on with basic tasks. She believes herself to be perfectly normal with only minor issues, dismissed as irrelevant by other people.

Sometimes authors get repetitive very quickly, but Charlotte Perkins Gilman could write about drying paint (she kinda does) and still be interesting.

I totally recommend this book if psychology and disturbing literature are of interest to you.

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