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Stephen King

average rating is 4 out of 5

Horror, Thriller

R. Alex Jenkins

This was my first foray into the Stephen King universe many years ago and I loved it, although it sorely needs reevaluation in comparison to what I've read since.

The book title says it all: Mess with the wrong people and gradually waste away into bones and dust.

It genuinely tensed me up and put Stephen King on my mental map, but unfortunately I'm not a fan of his movies. That's partly because he doesn't get involved in scriptwriting or creative output, but goes back into his world to do what he does best, write.

Or maybe Thinner is a good book but not enough to wow more exploration? For some reason, I largely dismissed Stephen King, which I now appreciate was a mistake.

Thankfully, I have read a fair bit of his work since then and am planning to read even more, and this was a decent start to that journey.

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