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D.E. McCluskey

average rating is 2 out of 5

Horror, Extreme, Disturbing, Sick Humour

R. Alex Jenkins

The main character is Gordon Zola. Geddit?

The title and cover of this book are absolutely right - it's a pile of stinky, filthy, rotten cheese.

If you're looking for shocking, extreme, cheap and throwaway splatterpunk, this is for you. It's entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny in places, too, but exactly what I expected - in one ear and out the other - a skim reading experience because of how pointless and predictable it is.

This is a great example of extreme horror being used to mask lack of ideas - too farfetched and unrealistic and didn't really bother with any serious planning or research. Keeps on piling it on. I know the author can do better than this and I appreciate the need to exorcise your demons sometimes and get it out of your system, but I really disliked the ending comments justifying the contents and trying to apologise. Why? Just write better material. There's no going back! Stephen King was warned by his publisher when he wrote Salem's Lot that he would be forever pigeonholed as a horror writer, even though the book was tame!

I think it's worth giving D.E. McCluskey a chance and I will skim through some of his other books in the future, but this is another reason why I don't often take chances paying good money for random extreme horror because of how bottom of the barrel it can be.

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