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Animal Farm


George Orwell

Animal Farm
average rating is 5 out of 5

Dystopia, Fantasy

R. Alex Jenkins

I read this many years ago and again quite recently, and like the Hobbit as the younger sibling of the Lord of The Rings, when compared to its big brother (1984) it's not quite at that level.

It's nowhere near as profound or complex, but still shocking as a standalone read, perhaps even more so because of how clear and precise the fight against corrupt power is.

The nice animals against the nasty, scheming pigs, who emulate humans in all their manipulative and controlling characteristics.

Animal farm is gut-wrenching and thoroughly fantastic.

Nothing compares to 1984 it terms of profound dystopia, though, so make sure to read Animal Farm first, otherwise 1984 will make this seem a bit insignificant.

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