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The Wind in the Willows


Kenneth Grahame

The Wind in the Willows
average rating is 5 out of 5

Classics, Kids

R. Alex Jenkins

An absolutely charming adventure, worth reading multiple times because of the beautiful relationship between Mole and Ratty and how endearing and spiritually light it is.

And there’s hair-brained Toad, annoying on purpose, blinded by wealth but remaining true to his friends. Badger is the shoulder we can all cry and rely on, and there's even an evil faction of stoats and weasels to oust in the name of goodness, plus some trippy moments in the famous Piper at the Gates of Dawn chapter.

Importantly, there's an intrinsic sense of unity, vulnerability and valuable friendship in WITW, conveyed in charmingly beautiful prose.

A children’s book? Not really, but it can be appreciated by all ages. There’s definitely a sinister air with its spookily profound messages about loyalty and good vs evil.

Unfortunately, WITW has been almost neglected and forgotten about in comparison to more modern and popular works. A fellowship of the ring that never leaves the Shire in its mesmerizing world of incredible fluidity and beauty.

These guys are more than just rodents, with important lives, desires, foibles, loyalties and commitments. It's a life-affirming reading experience and a wonderful book.

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