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Dealing with Depression
and Addiction (DwD&A)

This section discusses depression and addiction and the reasons they can have an negative impact on your life. Topics are grouped into various categories (tags) for more cohesive reading.

General Introduction

An introduction to this section of the site.



Gaming addiction

Learning to accept videogaming addiction and get some control back to your life.


Videogaming, Addiction

Addiction Linked to OCD

Could your addictions be an OCD issue, or vice versa?


OCD, Addiction

Porn and Glamour

An introduction into porn and glamour and how they affect you.

Sex addiction

Introduction, Sex Addiction

Why Write About Depression and Addiction?

Why devote so much time and an entire section of a website to Depression and Addiction?


Introduction, Addiction

Research Into Happiness

Happiness is subjective, comes from within and has little to do with what other people think about you.


Inner Happiness

The Male Sexual Cycle

Ever wondered how long it takes to recover after having sex and the impact it has on your life?

Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

An Introduction to Addiction in General

A further introduction to addiction and how it affects you.

Depression and Addiction

Introduction, Addiction

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